Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers has been a vendor for the Glendale Apple Festival in years past. Matt is not only a potter but also a carver. Some of his carvings depicting cowboys are so delightful. Those who are fortunate to have one of Matt’s creations gracing their homes enjoy the conversation pieces and his fine craftsmanship.

The son of well-known artist, Julie Rogers, Matt developed his skills at home from an early age. These days, the seasoned carver and potter is also a family man, husband and father but still finds time to create and offer his wares for sale.

This poem by Robert Edgar Burns expresses how a potter feels and sees beyond the vision of an average person.

The Potter

When we are the weakest, we are like a lump of clay

That the potter must tread down, to make a great art display.

A statue must be chiseled out of nothing else but rock

But he who does the chipping- sees inside what will be wrought

A sculptor finds great beauty not obvious to you and me

But he does not stop his whittling, till the treasure is what you see

A potter, a chiseler, a sculptor these things I’m not today

But thank you Lord for choosing me, and making me your lump of clay.

Matt Rogers is indeed the sculptor, the potter and the carver with the gift to see what is inside of  a lump of clay, a rock or a piece of wood and the skill to bring it out of those rough mediums and create  amazing works of art for others to cherish.

If he can fit it into his busy work schedule, you may see him as one of the Glendale Apple Festival vendors again this year. We sure hope he can!

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