The Glendale Bench Road

Photo by Myrna Cox

The Bench Road

As you travel the back roads around Glendale you will be amazed at the difference in scenery from mile to mile along your trek. The Glendale Bench Road is a good example.

A sign at the north end of town directs travelers eastward to the road up and over the beautiful Glendale Bench land. They will cross the bridge over upper Kanab Creek and see the back road north toward Alton.  Continuing on the Bench Road eastward you will see the turn-off to Deer Springs Ranch and at that point the Glendale Bench Road becomes Johnson Canyon Road eventually leading back to Hwy. 89 east of Kanab.

If you are lucky as you top out on the bench you could spot some roaming elk as well as deer, coyotes and an occasional bobcat, which grace the area. Rattlesnakes are often seen in the heat of the summer along the dirt roads and in the fields where they feed on rodents or other small animals. 

The vegetation also changes from cedar trees, oak and sage brush upwards to pines standing stately on the hill tops. Among the cedars sherds (broken pottery) from the ancient Indians can be found, especially after a good rain when the surface shifts and uncovers such treasures. Most prized is an occasional arrowhead, which might be spotted as you hike into the bench land. Beneath the cedar trees the soil is rich and many a farmer has loaded the farm truck and brought home some of the Earth’s naturally enriched soil to add to planting beds.

Sunrises and sunsets up on ‘the bench’ are unique and add such splendor to the traveler’s perspective. It’s a great place to roam and enjoy God’s handy-work.

Note to visitors: The Glendale Bench Road is mostly unpaved. Check with someone local about conditions before venturing out.

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