The Bishops’ Storehouse

by Myrna Cox

The Bishops’ Storehouse

Many buildings were constructed in the early settlement of Glendale and a few are still standing. One of these is the old bishops’ storehouse. It is located just north east and across the street from the town hall, which is also one of the town’s oldest buildings.

The purpose of the bishops’ storehouse in those earlier days was to promote the gift of service. Those who had a surplus would bring it to the storehouse where it was given to someone in need or traded for other goods that may have been available. There was a strong commitment to using and saving everything possible, such items as eggs, cheese, milk, veggies or extra meat or grains were brought to help sustain the saints. To become a self-sustaining people was one of the goals of the settlers who came into the area. 

No names were attached to the photo. If anyone can identify the people in the photo, it would be greatly appreciated. 

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