Ila Mae’s 6-2-19 Newsletter

 Glendale, Utah, June 2,  2019

          Dear Relatives and Friends,

     My neighbors, Kade and Andie Iverson, came on Thursday afternoon, to show me their new, 2-day-old son.  He is a cute little guy.  I held him for a while and he didn’t even cry.  Andie said that they barely made it to St. George, to the hospital in time.  They got there 10 minutes before he was born.  That was cutting it a little close.  Kade said that they are going to name him, “Ram.”  He has some black hair.  His Sister Sadie, wasn’t too interested in her new baby brother, she wanted to look at other things.   It was nice of them to bring the new baby over to show me.

      I have 6 great grandchildren graduating from High School, this year.  Max & Janice Campbell have twin granddaughters graduating in Herriman, UT.  And a grandson graduating in Florida.  Jillyn & Loyd Dille have a grandson graduating in Tooele, UT and a granddaughter graduating in Texas.  Jacklyn & Brent Jackson have a grandson graduating in Heber City UT.  My youngest granddaughter is also, graduating in California.  She is the daughter of Jerilyn & Paul Scarpa.  

      The Memorial Day Program was really good.  Hazel Harris sang the National Anthem.  That was wonderful.   Michelle Cox and Carlia Bauer sang.  Jared Harlen sang.  Larry Stanger talked.  Deanna Reeve did a SlideShow, that was good.    They had a lot of pictures of veterans.  Myrna Cox is going to write a book about the veterans of this area.  I know my Mother had a picture of Thel in his Army Uniform.  If any of my siblings or any of their children know where that picture is, would they please sent it (or a copy of it) to me.  Myrna would like to have the book finished and printed by July 4th, so there isn’t much time to get things collected.  

nd  In looking through my pictures, I came across a picture of the Anderson Family.  We wondered when this picture was taken.  My Grandma, Elizabeth, died in 1964, so it was before then.  Anyway, it has all of the Anderson family that I remember, which is: Louisa A. Brinkerhoff, Josephine A. Maxwell, Charles C. Anderson, (the youngest)  Elizabeth A. Maxwell, (the oldest)  Melinda ( Aunt Lynn) Jolly, Mary A. Brinkerhoff, John S. Anderson, Lydia A. Jensen, and Magnus Anderson.  I plan on getting some copies made.  If any of you would like one, just let me know.   I don’t even remember where I got my copy.  Thank you, whoever it was.

 SaGayle and Steve Halverson stopped by to see me on Monday after noon.  Gayle was Aunt Roene Lund’s daughter.  She and Steve must have been touring around to all the cemeteries that had relatives in.  It was good to see them.

      The Roger Goulding mechanic shop, in Glendale, is now built.  At least the outside looks really nice.  It has 2 big car bays.  I am not sure if the inside is completely finished.  I guess it will be clear done when we see the doors up and Roger working inside.  That will be handy for the Glendale people.                                                                                 Here are some sayings—“One thing that every American does, is helping his children inherit the National debt.”    “Toddler walks by with a hammer.  Me: ‘What are you going to make.’  Toddler, ‘Noise.’”    “Body found at base of Cliff near Mount Rushmore.  The only four witnesses remain stone faced.”    “I’m lucky that my wife and mother are very close.  I realized just how close the time I drove my mother to her doctor.  Which my wife usually does.  When the doctor came into the room, my own dear mother introduced me as her ‘daughter-in-law’s husband’.”—Andrew Thompson    “The saddest part of being an only child is that when you grow up, you’re not even a child anymore.  You’re just only.”    “It was 1949, and we‘d just had our first telephone installed in our home.  Overcome with excitement, my 13-year-old brother, Udene, made his first call to a friend.  The phone rang, his friend picked up, and Udene excitedly blurted, “This is me, is that you?”—Neida Darley    LIES MY SIBLINGS TOLD ME.  “When I was little, my older brother told me if you ate the bottom part of a banana you would die.  To this day I still don’t eat the bottom inch of the banana.”—Jacqueline Rowley    “My brother told me that every time it rained, God was crying because I was so ugly.”— “I was six and just about to eat my Brussels sprouts when my older sister leaned over and told me, ‘If you eat those, they‘ll turn into heads of lettuce in your stomach.’  I didn’t touch another Brussels sprouts until two years ago, and I’m in my mid-50’s!”—Kimberly Gautieri    “I was a toddler taking a bath when my older sister pulled the plug and shouted, ‘Look out, Debbie! You’re going down the drain!’  Sixty years later, I’m still scared of drains.”—Debi Knight    “Just days before my brother’s third birthday, I let him in on a secret. ‘Do you know what happens when you turn three?  You turn into a girl.’  His eyes grew big. ‘It’s true.  It happened to me.  It happened to Mom.’  For the next few days, whenever Mon mentioned his birthday, he burst into tears.’”—Kendra Liedle    OTHER STUFF—“I was in the third grade when the principal called me into his office.  ‘Did you and your brother leave the house at the same time, this morning?’ He asked.  ‘Yes,’ I answered.  ‘Well, Sam played hooky from school, today.’  I knew that wasn’t true and I told him so.  ‘He couldn’t have, the only game he knows how to play is checkers.’  The principal smiled, patted me on the head and sent me back to my classroom.”—M.J.C    “Me: ‘Welcome to (the toy store where I worked) Can I help you find anything in particular?’  Customer: ‘I’m mad at my sister, and my nephew‘s birthday is coming up.  What do you have that makes loud repetitive noises and can’t be turned off?’”—notalwaysright     “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”    “Make the best of what is in your power and take the rest as it happens.”    “Good decisions come from the heart more often than from the brain.”    “The ultimate measure of character is not found in comfort but in challenge.”    “The best way to cope with change is to help create it.”    “True friends see heart to heart even when they don’t see eye to eye.”   “What you fall for is determined by what you stand for.”    “Whatever your lot, cultivate it.”    “A woman was stopped by a police officer for speeding.  After receiving the ticket from the officer, she became a bit indignant and asked, ‘And what am I supposed to do with this?’  The officer replied, ‘Collect five and you can ride a bike.’”     

See ya all next week,  Love, IlaMae

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