Is there a veteran in your family?

Photos by Larry Stanger

The Glendale Community Committee is starting on a book to recognize and honor our local veterans. The working title is ‘Southern Utah Heroes’.

We are collecting photographs and bios of as many of our veterans as possible, from or connected to the Valley, and invite all who want to participate to submit a photo, preferably a portrait in uniform, along with a bio not to exceed 400 words.

Our team is fortunate to include Deanna Reeve, who got us started with the photos from the World War II collage so diligently and lovingly put together and framed by Aunt Lucy Crofts, and Larry Stanger, who will digitize and format the photos for the book. We’ll have about nine vets per page, followed by their bios. The posted photo is an example of how it will look – thanks to Kevin and Lynn Chamberlain, Lloyd Robinson, Larry Stanger, Danny Spencer, Glenn Chamberlain, Dellas Sorensen, Leland Spencer and Jeff Cox.

We’ve got our work cut out for us on this but it will be SO worth it! We love and appreciate our vets and want to include and honor them all. Our target publish date is November 1st  of this year, in time for Veterans Day, so we need all submissions in by July 24th at the latest.

Look for occasional sample pages posted here in the ‘Our Heroes’ section.

Proceeds from book sales will go toward a planned Veteran’s Memorial Monument in the Valley.

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