The Glendale Church

The Glendale chapel once stood behind the Jeff and Kim Saul’s new home. It served the small community well until changes were required to accommodate more people. Also, the old building did not have indoor restrooms. Roger and Caroleen Chamberlain were one of the last couples to host their wedding reception in the small church. If you have any memories to share about the Little Glendale church house, please feel free to add to the narrative.

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  1. Bruce Nelson Harris

    This building was first dedicated in 1894. It was where I attended Church for about 30 years.
    My grandfather and great-grandfather (Alonzo Harris and Silas Harris) were heavily involved
    in financing the construction of this building. A lot of memories were made here. I went to
    Primary, Sunday School, received the Aaronic Priesthood, taught Sunday School, served in
    the SS presidency, attended MIA, had a mission farewell party and dance, then later served
    as Elders Quorum Pres., all before I was married. Even the Apostle David O. McKay, attended
    Church services here when my father (Hazen Hogan Harris) was a young man. Yes, a lot of
    memories flood my mind about this Grand Old Building……..Bruce N. Harris

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